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Your dream job is right here with us!

Welcome to Ecovis’ world of careers. Our business is consulting and people define our company. . They all bring different ideas, experiences and skills to the table. We value and promote the professional as well as the human being in all its facets. Because together we make Ecovis a better company. Better for us and better for our clients.

How you can get involved with us

Thinking along is high on our agenda. You carefully scrutinize the challenges our clients face, develop suitable advisory services as part of a team and provide answers to questions that have not yet been asked. This is what we have in mind by providing good personal advice. This only works in teams where personal responsibility and diligence are just as important as entrepreneurial thinking and reliability. You can find out what is possible in our teams here:

Your day-to-day work with us

Diversified, we can promise you that. You will work in interdisciplinary teams of tax consultants, legal advisors, management consultants and auditors. You will get to know different perspectives and ways of thinking. You will have regular contact with our international network and work on cross-border solutions. We know that qualifications are just as important as the way we work together. Only when both fit, we achieve our level of quality. Would you like to be a part of it? We look forward to hearing from you.

< Very good working atmosphere, nice colleagues. Opportunities to contribute one’s own ideas. Modern equipment, high level of digitalization. >
< Content freedom in work design, warmth, enjoyment in work, flexibility. >
< ECOVIS KSO gives you the feeling that you can always rely on someone when you need them. You are never left alone with difficulties and always receive support. >
< The friendly interaction among colleagues and supervisors. The flexibility in terms of using home office or the office space. Appreciation from the employer in the form of weekly fruit baskets, attentions for Easter, St. Nicholas Day, or Christmas, and company celebrations. That is definitely not to be taken for granted. I also find the social commitment of ECOVIS KSO great! >
< Being able to demonstrate the right amount of personal responsibility without being overwhelmed is crucial and valuable. This enables one to grow and tackle new challenges, either independently or as part of a team. That is appreciated and supported. >
< Everyone has the opportunity to contribute their own ideas. Consideration is given to personal situations. Tolles Arbeitsklima >

How to become a part of us

We are typically Ecovis, but extraordinary consultants. Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat is not our aspiration. You are welcome to see for yourself. Give us a call or send an e-mail to the HR team. No matter whether you have just entered the job market, come from a different background or are an experienced professional. Let us talk and find out together where we match. Take the first step and start your career with us!

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What you can expect from us

Exciting field of activity
With us, you can either work as a generalist or specialize in one area at the same time. Thanks to our diverse client base and our in-house expertise, we cover a wide range of topics. You can find the areas here

From Monday to Thursday, our working hours are flexible and based on trust. During the core hours between 9.00 am – 4.00 pm, everyone is at work. We like to start the weekend a little earlier on Fridays, when the core hours end at 2.00 pm. Of course, we are also able to work remotely from our home office.

Ergonomics and digitalization
We live for transformation and digitalization. Unternehmen Online, digital annual accounts and Personio are our standard. Modern software and hardware are part of every workplace as well as height-adjustable and rotatable displays, ergonomic mousepads, height-adjustable desks and docking stations.

Personal responsibility
Whether you have just entered the job market, come from a different background or are experienced professional, you will find your place with us. Within the teams, you can expect independent tasks with creative freedom.

Corporate Benefits

  • Urban Sports Club membership
  • JobRad incl. EUR 25 allowance, full service and full insurance
  • Personal support for our employees in all life situations
  • Discounts via corporate benefits
  • Deutschlandticket or free parking space

Attractive workplace with good connections
Air-conditioned offices with bright and friendly furnishings in a central location. Bakeries, supermarkets and restaurants within easy reach. Our offices are well connected by public transport, with free parking as an alternative.

Employee events
Team and company events are something special for us Eco-visionaries, which is why they take place regularly. Water skiing, karting, company runs, barbecue & chill – we are flexible and happy to be there.
Once a month we have LEKKER-Dienstag, where everyone is gathering at all locations to have lunch together.

Further education and training
We see lifelong learning as an opportunity, which is why we attach great importance to further training. The wide range of offers are open to all employees. We also promote extra-occupational courses of study or further training to become a tax specialist, payroll assistant or tax consultant. To maintain our language skills, we offer English lessons at various levels at every location. Participation is voluntary. Learning videos on the Steuerheldenclub or TaxFlix are like Netflix for taxes and our consultants watch them regularly. Of course, you will also get access to them.

Performance-related pay, company pension scheme & occupational disability insurance
We hold annual employee appraisal interviews, talk openly about salary and adjust it based on performance. If you bring your company pension scheme with you, we will subsidize it. If not, you should set up a company pension plan or occupational disability insurance with us. We will be happy to support you with this.

Flat-rate drinks and something for the small appetite
Coffee from fully automatic machines, a selection of teas and water are available on all floors. Beer or a so-called “Fassbrause” are waiting in the fridges for after-work drinks. In summer, there is ice cream in the freezer. We keep the fruit baskets fresh and colorful all year round.

Induction with mentor support
We leave no one alone. What we do for our clients, we also do internally. Anyone new in our midst receives an induction program. In this program, team leaders, colleagues, HR and a personal mentor are available to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Send your application documents to: karriere-kso@ecovis.com.
Our HR-team will also be happy to help you on the phone. The number is 0211 908 67- 0.

Ecovis advises medium-sized companies in the areas of tax, legal, management consulting and auditing.

What we expect from you

People make the difference
We want to find, promote and develop people who are a good fit for us. That is why we are looking for people who have a positive influence not only on their environment, but also on their fellow human beings. People who enjoy working and helping colleagues. People who want to develop personally and professionally with us. People who realize their full potential when advising our clients. If you want to work like this, you have come to the right place.

Team player
The business world is becoming ever larger and more complex. That is why our clients need first-class advice in various disciplines. They are looking for forward-looking advice that gives them orientation in ever changing circumstances. That is the reason why we are looking for team players who aim to think outside the box. People who want to develop and implement smart solutions together.

Personally well advised: Ecovisionaries
“Personally well advised” is our mission. Consulting is a matter of trust. Individual good advice is our investment in long-term cooperation. We strive for this every day. We take the necessary time, we listen, internalize expectations and take a holistic view of business processes. By taking care of our clients, we provide personal good advice. To do this, we need employees with integrity, commitment and conviction.