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Are you looking for an entrepreneurial, digital and international network of consultants that is able to provide you with interdisciplinary, flexible and solution-oriented support? You have come to the right place: we offer four disciplines from one single source. They range from the digitalization of commercial processes to auditing as well as from accounting to tax optimization.

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  • There are often countless Excel lists or stand-alone software solutions in use that make it difficult to gain a quick overview. However, up-to-date and valid data on accounts receivable, customer structure, payment targets, inventories and similar are crucial for successful company management.

  • China-Desk-Team

    The China Desk in Düsseldorf by ECOVIS KSO The China Desk in Düsseldorf by ECOVIS KSO is a highly specialized team consisting of lawyers, tax consultants, and [...]

  • Every day, goods and services are sent all over the world. We will show you which facts belong in commercial and distribution law.

  • There are many reasons for a company assessment. In addition to purchase and sale processes, changes in the group of shareholders, group structures or the regulation of succession can make it necessary to determine the company value.

  • The settlement of business or property succession is often postponed far into the future. After all, you still feel healthy and powerful. However, only those who plan early can successfully transfer. Inhibitions to regulate one's own succession can become dangerous. There are legal, tax and business risks associated with an unregulated succession or, even worse, an incorrect succession. Solutions to the succession issue must satisfy both sides. Entrepreneurs who hand over want to see their life's work, family and employees secured. Entrepreneurs who take over want a healthy operation with perspective.

  • Since May 25, 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been directly applicable in the EU member states and has thus largely replaced national data protection laws. The GDPR has led to companies having to review and improve their data protection measures in order to meet the new requirements and avoid fines. To ensure that you are optimally positioned in terms of data protection law, we offer comprehensive information and advice on data protection issues. We are also happy to provide you with an external data protection officer.

  • From now on, it will be much easier for you. We post digitally and process your receipts electronically. Is it important for you to have an insight into your company data at all times? The solution is "Unternehmen online", an internet-based platform for document and data exchange for financial and payroll accounting between your company and us.

  • Energy tax The burden of high energy costs on companies for electricity and gas has dominated the political debates for months. The implementation of the Green Deal [...]

  • When faced with empty public treasury, associations and charitable organizations are becoming increasingly important for society. Without their commitment in the social sector, many offers of help and assistance would not even exist. However, the initiators and those responsible are often faced with administrative, legal and tax issues for which they need competent support.

  • The insurance industry is one of the largest sectors in Germany. Choosing the right insurance to cover the right risk and claim the right benefits when an insured risk occurs can be of existential importance for SMEs. To ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises when choosing the right insurance, we offer you comprehensive information and advice.

  • Business processes that work are the basic prerequisite for business success. They are necessary to meet today's economic demands arising from increasing internationalisation, increasing complexity or the growth of an organisation. In addition, the use of Internal Audit documents that management pays a high level of attention to compliance.

  • Ecovis has offices in 80 countries and a broad network of consultants. This enables us to guarantee the best advice possible, especially in international matters. This applies to International tax law Cross-border transactions International corporate structuring Tax optimization Foreign investments

  • Different countries, different taxes. If you are well informed about which rules apply where, you will reduce the risk of becoming liable to prosecution or getting into trouble with the German tax authorities. On the other hand, different legal and tax rules in other countries also open up opportunities for tax optimization. We provide you with the necessary legal certainty.

  • Labor law has been a fundamental part of our work for many years. The work environment has changed in recent years. With home office regulations, new working time models and remote working methods, the demands on labor law have changed along. We welcome the modernization and flexibilization and bring them constructively in line with existing law and legislation in the interests of our clients.

  • For them, a profession is a calling: performing and visual artists, musicians and entertainers, authors and athletes - whether as soloists and individuals, as an ensemble or a team - strive for professional self-realization at the highest level of performance and quality. This demanding goal can only be achieved by concentrating on cultural or sporting activities, combined with constant training and creative exploration.

  • In our commitment to the healthcare professions, our support extends far beyond the entire practice life. As demographic change progresses, the importance of the healthcare sector is increasing. The complexity in this area, particularly in regard to tax issues, is also constantly growing. This development can bring particular challenges and obstacles with it which, without sound advice, can lead to considerable additional tax payments.

  • The demands placed on the public sector and its companies are high - and often controversial. On the one hand, they should work for the common good, on the other hand they should be economical and efficient. In addition, the federal and state governments have different problems than local and district administrations, hospitals face different issues than utilities or transport companies.

  • As registered auditors, we carry out the legally required audits in accordance with Section 11 VerpackG and advise you on all related issues.

  • As an entrepreneur and employer, you have to comply with tax, employment and social security obligations in the context of payroll accounting. This can be challenging when you consider the frequent changes to the law. In addition, payroll accounting must function correctly and on time. Maximum precision should also be guaranteed for issues such as data transmission, security and archiving. Otherwise, a social security or payroll tax audit can quickly have unpleasant consequences.

  • The tax authorities in the country are to be taken seriously. As an entrepreneur, you face the threat of high additional assessments during the next tax audit if you are unable to present organizational documents, procedural documentation as well as basic digital records. This is the case because the tax authorities require you to document all of your company's accounting and tax-relevant processes, controls and procedures. If you do not - or cannot - provide this, you could be in for some unpleasant surprises. Many tax auditors are already requesting procedural documentation when sending out audit requests.

  • For property owners, the property tax reform will mean a significant increase in administrative work starting January 2022. At the latest, property owners will have to take action upon being asked to submit their assessment declaration(s).

  • As an interdisciplinary law firm, our expertise in construction and real estate law corresponds with the work of our colleagues in tax consulting. Real estate advice is teamwork for us. It goes without saying that we cover the specialist areas of tenancy law, property law, construction law and sales contract law. Our clients benefit from interdisciplinary teams with legal and tax expertise.

  • Building, valuing, acquiring, financing, managing, selling - real estate companies are faced with a wide range of different tasks during the life cycle of a property. As a given, they bear a high investment risk, as economic success depends on many factors. Among other things, a constantly changing legislation can lead to unexpected cost increases for rented residential buildings. From a tax perspective, the issue of commercial property trading is a perennial issue.

  • The old guidelines included reducing debt and cutting costs quickly. Although this is still present, it is not enough for sustainable and, above all, constructive restructuring. Individual solutions examine every area of the company. All potential vulnerabilities must be uncovered and sustainably improved.

  • The German Stock Corporation Act obliges the Supervisory Board to deal with the risk management of its company as part of its general supervisory duties. For medium-sized companies organized in other legal forms, the implementation of a structured system for early risk detection and prevention might also be useful.

  • Around half a million companies are established in Germany each year, according to the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung. Unfortunately, almost as many are dissolved in the same period of time, often after a very short time. Fear of potential costs should not deter founders from seeking professional help. But even in the pre-foundation phase, a professional can protect you from nasty surprises or later troubles, such as with the tax office. Often, start-up consulting will even pay off financially for you by attracting funding, such as by optimizing your funding structure. In many cases, counselling can be self-supported.

  • subsidies management When you have to deal with official bodies, things often get complicated, sometimes impenetrable. Without prior knowledge and experience applying for subsidies will get very [...]

  • Sustainability will play a more important role in corporate reporting in the future. In this regard, there is a growing interest in all areas of society, especially at the level of national and international politics.

  • For entrepreneurs, most long-term decisions have tax implications. Even in private life, tax effects often follow major changes. Therefore, to make strategically structured decisions both in business and the private domain, it makes sense to keep in mind the overall tax background to be able to align them accordingly. Even if there are qualitative differences between the tax structuring options of a corporate group and those of a craft business - the economic relevance is the same for both.

  • Pricing offers many opportunities, but it also has its pitfalls. This is particularly true for transfer pricing between a German head office and its foreign subsidiaries or branches. There is a risk of high additional tax demands, as tax officials are increasingly scrutinizing what is appropriate and what is not. When it comes to transfer pricing, it is important to ensure accurate, ongoing documentation.

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