Tax structuring and optimization

Taxes – but in a skillful manner.

For entrepreneurs, most long-term decisions have tax implications. Even major changes in one’s private life often bear an impact on the tax situation. Therefore, to make strategically structured decisions both in business and the private domain, it makes sense to keep in mind the overall tax background to be able to align them accordingly. Even if there are qualitative differences between the tax structuring options of a corporate group and those of a craft business – the economic relevance is the same for both.

Talk to your Ecovis consultant about your possible tax structuring options and plan the reasonable utilization of your tax options and discretionary scope with their help.

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Tax planning and structuring geared precisely towards your requirements

Ecovis offers tailor-made tax avoidance concepts instead of tax evasion concepts, which are economically inappropriate from the tax authorities’ point of view and therefore usually result in rejections.

Among other things, Ecovis specifically provides you with:

  • Partial or overall tax planning, taking into account your tax burden – both nationally and internationally
  • Consideration of uncertainties (e.g. undefined legal versions, problematic international or European regulations, retroactive legal regulations)
  • Drafting tax clauses in contracts (e.g. VAT options in real estate contracts or company acquisitions)
  • Enforcement of your tax interests towards the authorities (e.g. conducting appeals before the tax authorities, legal representation in fiscal court proceedings)
  • Optimization of legal form for tax purposes
  • Inheritance and gift tax structuring

Your benefit: individual tax structuring with a plan and a sense of proportion

  • You minimize your economic risk through long-term strategic planning (securing liquidity, insolvency protection, etc.).
  • You benefit from our experience in dealing with the tax office and tax officials.
  • You enjoy planning and legal certainty because Ecovis provides you with exclusively viable tax optimization concepts.
  • At Ecovis, you receive a complex service from one single source – any additional expertise your Ecovis consultant needs can be obtained quickly and reliably from colleagues in the Ecovis group.
Tax optimization - Tax structuring - Steuerliche Strukturierung 2
Tax optimization - Tax structuring - Steuerliche Strukturierung 3

Procedure – design consulting is an accompanying process

Talk to your Ecovis consultant about your tax structuring options in a non-binding consultation.

You will be shown individual solutions and specific optimization potential in a holistic tax-structuring concept.

As part of a long-term collaboration, you will receive ongoing or selective support from your Ecovis consultant and their specialist colleagues.

Assert your tax advantages – with reason and with Ecovis

If you wish, Ecovis can also provide you with assistance and support in any necessary appeals or legal proceedings in order to enforce justified tax advantages for you. To this end, your Ecovis tax advisor works together with specialized lawyers from the Ecovis group.

Possible additional services

Closely linked to the topic of tax structuring are additional services that you can also receive at any time within the Ecovis group.

Ask your Ecovis consultant about the following topics:

  • Company succession
  • Value added tax
  • Legal form optimization
  • company audit
  • Asset planning


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Experts on this topic

Andreas Claes

Partner, Diplom-Kaufmann (FH), Diplom-Wirtschaftsjurist (FH), Steuerberater

Akram Juja

Associate Partner, Steuerberater, Fachberater für Unternehmensnachfolge (DStV e.V.), Master of Science, Leiter Unternehmens- und Vermögensnachfolge

Anke Meyer

Prokuristin, Steuerberaterin, Dipl.-Kauffrau

Christian Kappelmann

Steuerberater, Dipl.-Finanzwirt, M.A. (Taxation)

Eva-Maria Klassen

Prokuristin, Steuerberaterin, LL.M.

Heinz Kollenbroich

Steuerberater, Diplom-Finanzwirt

Julian Heesemann

Associate Partner, Steuerberater, Fachberater für die Umstrukturierung von Unternehmen (IFU /ISM gGmbH), Diplom-Finanzwirt, LL.M.

Janina Himmelmann

Steuerberaterin, Master of Law

Johannes Landow

Partner, Steuerberater, Fachberater für Internationales Steuerrecht, Diplom-Kaufmann

Kathrin John

Steuerberaterin, Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH)

Maxim Hauch

Partner, Steuerberater, Dipl.-Finanzwirt, zertifizierter Berater für Immobilienbesteuerung, zertifizierter Berater für Kauf und Verkauf von Unternehmen / M&A

Matthias Meyer

Partner, Steuerberater, Fachberater für Internationales Steuerrecht, Diplom-Kaufmann

Magnus Petter

Steuerberater, Diplom-Finanzwirt (FH), M.A. (Taxation)

Marcus Sauer

Partner, Steuerberater, Diplom-Volkswirt

Nico Kurth

Prokurist, Steuerberater, Bachelor of Arts (Steuerrecht)

Niels Webersinn

Associate Partner, Steuerberater

Peter Kollenbroich

Partner, Steuerberater, Fachberater für Immobilienbesteuerung, LL.M.

Raphael Niederstraßer

Steuerberater, Dipl.-Finanzwirt, M.A. Taxation

Stephanie Ernst

Prokuristin, Steuerberaterin, Diplom-Finanzwirtin, Fachberaterin für Unternehmensnachfolge (DStV e.V.)

Thomas Budzynski

CEO, CFO, Partner, Steuerberater, Fachberater für Internationales Steuerrecht

Thomas Müller

Associate Partner, Steuerberater, Fachberater für Unternehmensnachfolge (DStV e.V.)

Tim Weyers

Prokurist, Steuerberater, Dipl.-Finanzwirt, M.A. (Taxation)

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