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Over the course of time, companies repeatedly find themselves in challenging situations. The causes are just as varied as the effects. Entrepreneurs are usually confronted with such a situation for the first time; for us, it is part of our everyday life. With us, you have experienced management consultants at your side.

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Thinking and acting for the long term is our top priority

We do not provide you with standard solutions because we attach great importance to developing individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to your company and your needs. Our analyses always take the entire value chain into account. You can expect concrete recommendations for action from us after just five to seven days.

Our aim is to preserve the value and jobs of your company rather than helping to break it up. We strive for more than just reaching break-even level. Our aim is to work with you to build a promising, future-proof and sustainable business model.

Practical feasibility and a common vision are particularly important to us. For each proposed solution, we carefully check whether it can be implemented in practice, taking into account the various interests of all parties involved (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, financiers, etc.). Our main focus is on ensuring that all parties pursue the same goal and strive for success together. We take responsibility for the implementation of a restructuring concept at every stage of the project, even if it requires unpopular but unavoidable measures. Our credibility and trustworthiness are particularly important to us. We act honestly and authentically and maintain long-term relationships by working with consistent teams and a fixed contact person at eye level. Our fee structure is serious, transparent and fair. We are happy to be measured by the success of our actions and are committed to ensuring that our prices are reasonable.

For you and together with you

In cooperation with the management, we identify existing and potential future weaknesses in the company and thereby improve both the profitability and the future viability of a company. We not only develop the concept, but also support its implementation. This is our understanding of a sustainable service for the client.

Reducing debt and cutting costs in the short term: this alone is not enough to restructure a company sustainably. Each area of the company must be carefully
to uncover weaknesses and eliminate them in the long term.

With our customized restructuring concepts, we focus on the performance side of a company and include the entire value chain – from purchasing, production and logistics to customer service. Our primary goal is to preserve the company, its values and, above all, its jobs.

We work with you to develop a strategic realignment for your company and assume operational responsibility for its implementation. Restructuring has only been successful when your new business model once again generates a sustainable return in line with industry standards.

In the thick of it instead of just there

Fortunately, many managing directors and board members do not come into contact with corporate crises during the course of their careers. However, if this is the case, they lack any experience in overcoming the economic difficulties.

A Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) brings professional support to your management team. He assumes responsibility for the restructuring. This function can be exercised both within (managing director/board member) and outside an executive body (e.g. as a general representative).

The CRO has the great advantage that he is not “preloaded” and operationally blind. He can take a fresh look at the situation, (re)gain trust (e.g. from financiers or employee representatives) and push through necessary decisions without getting into conflicts of interest. He acts as an internal and external contact for all restructuring-related matters and is responsible for the entire restructuring process.
Crisis communication.

The CRO can also act within the framework of protective shield proceedings or self-administration.

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We can do this for you in the areas of finance and performance management:


  • Cash management and measures to improve liquidity
  • Working capital optimization
  • Preparation of direct liquidity planning / integrated corporate planning (P&L, balance sheet and cash flow planning) in the form of various scenarios
  • (Re-)financing outside traditional bank financing on the basis of capital requirements, e.g. subsidies and sale and lease back
  • Support for debt-to-equity swaps

– Reporting & Reports:

  • Bank and stakeholder reporting
  • Creation of a key figure cockpit
  • Quick audit including initial recommendations for action
  • Independent Business Reviews (IBR)
  • Review of existing or introduction of suitable early crisis detection systems

– Performance enhancement and CIP:

  • Contribution margin analyses and calculations (product & customer-related)
  • Benchmarking (internal and external)
  • Identification and implementation of operational potential (costs/revenue)
  • Make or buy decisions

– Processes & projects:

  • Process description and analysis
  • Process optimization
  • Development of process management
  • Creation and operational implementation of restructuring concepts
  • Project management and implementation controlling
  • Establishment and integration of a PMO (Project Management Office)
  • Post Merger Integration Projects

– Business model review

  • Use of suitable tools
  • Consultation of external experts if necessary
  • Operationalization of megatrends
  • Strategic repositioning

– Assumption of temporary operational tasks (interim management – in particular the position of a CRO)

  • Development and implementation of restructuring and reorganization concepts
  • Implementation of immediately effective liquidity measures
  • Product range streamlining
  • Improvement of controlling
  • Internal and external benchmarking
  • Support during contract negotiations
  • Initiation and support of necessary (re-)financing measures
  • Closure of loss-making divisions and locations
  • Development of integrated corporate planning
  • Make or buy decisions/outsourcing
  • Review and adaptation of business models
  • Strategic repositioning

Work out and take the right steps together!

Most people and companies go through times of crisis in their “lives”. You often feel helpless and overwhelmed. As in private life, talking to a partner who knows how to classify the crisis situation and can point out ways out is also a great help in business. Even in a professional business consulting environment, a high degree of empathy is required in crisis situations in order to define the cause of the crisis and convince all those involved of the jointly developed path. The restructuring of companies is not static and therefore cannot be duplicated. It requires a strong cross-industry understanding of organizational and financial corporate structures as well as a high degree of flexibility in crisis management. We see ourselves as your competent partner in the crisis phase of life. Our consultants take the pressure off you in areas that can be overwhelming and allow you to concentrate on the essentials. Together we will work out a way to restore your company’s long-term profitability.

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We offer

– Insolvency audits according to IDW S11
– In the event of an obligation to file for insolvency: Optimal preparation of insolvency proceedings
– Bank reporting / Stakeholder reporting
– Restructuring concepts

  • Preparation of restructuring concepts in accordance with the IDW S6 standard
  • Operational implementation of restructuring concepts

– Negotiations of (restructuring) collective agreements
– Crisis communication
– Controlling of refurbishment measures
– Insolvency Administrator Services (irrespective of the type of proceedings):

  • Liquidity planning taking into account the special features of insolvency law (so-called “13-week plans”)
  • Continuation planning
  • Integrated corporate planning
  • Support in operational business or assumption of operational tasks in management (e.g. in purchasing)
  • We form the interface between the debtor and the (provisional) insolvency administrator
  • Cash management for debtors and creditors
  • Monitoring of payment transactions; no payment of insolvency claims!

– Position of the CRO (also in self-administration proceedings)

Transaction consulting
Trust is the decisive factor

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As experts in M&A, we pursue a holistic advisory approach with our service line and focus in particular on trust and professionalism. Our unique selling points are based on over 20 years of experience in reorganization and restructuring consulting, transaction consulting and, above all, an understanding of a transparent investor process. Our smart tools enable us to conduct detailed research with a targeted and tailored investor approach. Thanks to our many years of expertise and industry know-how, we understand the particular challenges of distressed M&A and work closely with renowned insolvency administrators.

We can do that for you:

– Corporate transactions

  • Mergers and acquisitions – also distressed M&A
  • Asset deal – transferring restructuring / sale as part of insolvency proceedings
  • Share deal – shareholdings / succession arrangements / share purchases and sales, including in the context of insolvency plan proceedings

– Organization and implementation of a structured transaction process

  • Communication and stakeholder management
  • Identification of potential interested parties (longlist)
  • Qualified market approach
  • Preparation of relevant documents
  • Teaser and information memorandum
  • Letter of intent and process letter
  • Draft purchase agreement
  • Preparation and management of a legally compliant data room
  • Obtaining, analyzing and evaluating indicative and binding offers
  • Negotiation support
  • Accompanying the signing & closing

– Commercial / Financial Due Diligence
– Company valuation
– Post Merger Integration

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