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Young Professionals

Are you a student, graduate or young professional looking for an entry-level position? Then you have come to the right place, because you have just found your training firm. At ECOVIS KSO, knowledge and information shared both ways. Of course, young professionals can learn a lot from professionals, but the reverse is also true.

How your entry with training or part-time studies works with us


You are still at school and would like getting to know the day-to-day work of an interdisciplinary consulting firm? Then apply for a student internship with us in the areas of tax consultancy, legal advice, management consultancy or auditing.


Vocational training with us lasts three years. It can also be shortened under certain conditions. Much more important than your school-leaving diploma is that you enjoy working with the law and numbers. During your apprenticeship, you will attend vocational school about twice a week and spend the remaining days right in the middle of the day-to-day work at our law firm. Here, you will be supervised by your trainer throughout the entire training period. In addition to individual mentoring from your trainers, you will be supported with targeted seminars. During your apprenticeship with us, you will be assigned to a fixed team, but will still work in different departments. At the end of the program, you will have completed all the learning areas specified by the Chamber of Tax Consultants or the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Our common training goal is to take you on as a permanent employee.

Dual study program

If you want to dive deeper into theory than practical application, a dual study program is an excellent option. Here you attend a university of your choice two days a week. Some universities also offer the dual study program in a block model, where you alternate between theoretical and practical parts each quarter. You are not tied to a specific course of study; there are often several alternatives. The university or we will be happy to advise you. The part-time courses usually last seven semesters, with the final thesis due in the last semester. This can be written with us as a practice partner. During your practical training with us, a set instructor will be on hand to provide you with advice and support. At the same time, you will rotate through several departments to get to know ECOVIS KSO in its entirety.

Trial study program

In the trial system, you attend vocational school in addition to university. This means that you complete your training and studies at the same time. This extends the total training period to 9 semesters. At the end, you will have both a university degree and a completed apprenticeship from the respective chamber.

The big difference between studying and training is that you rarely work on practical cases or learn tools at university, but you do delve deeper into the subject matter and therefore quickly learn to think outside the box. During your training, you will learn from scratch how to implement the theory in your day-to-day work and you will be able to work directly on the practical side. Of course, there is always the option of starting as an apprentice and later taking up a part-time degree course.

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Entry for university graduates:

Your internship semester is coming up and you are still looking for an internship partner? Feel free to contact us! Of course, voluntary internships during the semester break are also possible in all our departments!

First state examination in law? Check! We are happy to offer you a legal clerkship for the attorney or elective station.

Are you looking for a job during your studies to gain your first practical experience? Then joining us as a working student is just the right fit for you.

Are you about to finish your studies (Bachelor, Master, Diploma, state examination)? That is perfect! Dive right in with us to apply your theoretical knowledge in your day-to-day work.

You have already successfully completed your Bachelor’s degree with a focus on tax law and are now aiming to take the tax consultant exam? Take a look at our Traineeship – Taxation. With or without an extra-occupational Master’s degree, we will get you straight on track to becoming a professional at ECOVIS after three years.

Here you will find our suitable job advertisements for career starters.

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Are you open to change? We call this a culture of innovation and live up to it from the use of new tools to the optimization of existing processes.

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Many paths lead to professions at ECOVIS KSO


Paths to becoming a lawyer

A varied path with promising prospects for personal development – both personally and professionally.

1. legal clerkship: ordinary court in civil matters (month 1-5)
2. legal clerkship: Public prosecutor’s office (months 6-8)
3. legal clerkship: Administrative authority (month 9-11)
4. Legal clerkship: Lawyer (month 12-20)
5. Legal clerkship station: elective station (month 21-24)