Team spirit is our foundation

As we work on an interdisciplinary basis, you have found a resilient partner with us

From start-up consulting to restructuring, from corporate law to real estate consulting to compliance management, you will find proven experts. We value expertise and specialist knowledge and offer our employees flexible working and further training. That is why national and international medium-sized companies can rely on us for top-quality consulting services. Ideally, you take care of your company and we work with you to design all commercial processes.

The KSO-stone of the Ecovis mosaic

Medium-sized family businesses, international companies, owner-managed businesses, freelancers and private individuals are confident that we provide them with personal good advice.

Our consultation goes beyond traditional tasks such as bookkeeping, accounting, tax returns or representation in legal matters.

As Eco-visionaries, we support our clients in all life and business situations, set the course for the entrepreneurial future, solve tax-structuring issues, put legal forms to the test, optimize commercial processes, scrutinize contracts, pave the way for foreign business and prepare companies for digitalization or succession.

To keep us ecovisionaries fit, we attend our own academy. It offers in-depth training for beginners and continuous and advanced training for professionals.

Discover ECOVIS KSO and learn that “personally well advised” makes all the difference.

Oracle NetSuite: Data exchange between companies and tax consultants

Entrepreneurs in Germany must fulfill many legal requirements. The most important requirements include the principles of proper accounting (GoBD) and the fulfillment of tax obligations.

Companies call in local tax experts from tax firms to help them meet these legal requirements.
Data is usually exchanged between companies and tax firms using different software solutions, which usually costs companies a lot of time and money.

The data processed by tax experts then has to be imported back into the original ERP system, which leads to additional work and often entails transfer errors.

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Ecovis in Germany

Committed in over 100 offices

In Germany, Ecovis is part of the top 10 in the industry. More than 2,100 employees work in over 100 offices. Worldwide, there are almost 9,300 in over 90 countries. We ensure that our clients’ business activities are sustainable. To achieve this, we pool the national and international specialist and industry expertise of all our tax advisors, auditors, lawyers and management consultants. Every Ecovis facility may draw on this enormous pool of knowledge.

A decentralized recipe for success

Ecovis is well established. Since our foundation in 2003, the locally rooted yet comprehensive consulting approach has worked particularly well for medium-sized companies, owner-managed and family-run businesses as well as private individuals.
We turn in-depth knowledge into considerably good solutions. Thanks to our local network, we offer a wider range of services than small and medium-sized firms. In contrast to large business consultancies, we develop solutions with a sense of proportion for SMEs.


Since our foundation, Ecovis has grown faster than the industry. Healthy growth and sustainable development are at the heart of our entrepreneurial activities.

On the one hand, we are growing out of our own strength and expanding already existing facilities. On the other hand, we are also consistently open to firms that are eager to develop further under the Ecovis brand. This merger provides many possibilities in terms of structure and the premise that all firms and all clients benefit from the strengths and services of our Ecovis group.

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