4. Juli 2022

The ECOVIS NRW French Desk helps with business relations in France

ECOVIS NRW offers its clients with international business relations expertise and advisory services in various markets and countries – in France with the “French Desk” provided by ECOVIS NRW. Learn more about how you can benefit from this service.

The ECOVIS NRW French Desk

Due to its economic power, its markets and its resources, France is and remains a very attractive country for German entrepreneurs and investors. Or to put it in other words: France is a major market for most German companies. Even if the connections within the EU have proven themselves, the business environment for European companies in France remains complex. This is especially true for Germany. The ECOVIS NRW French Desk solves problems in business relationships with France.

French experts with a German background work cross-sectorally

Fi.Solutions has established a “German Desk”, which is the French Desk at ECOVIS NRW. French experts with a German background and language skills as well as specific professional experience are available to our clients. German entrepreneurs have been receiving advice here for years. The team of the French Desk of ECOVIS NRW provides support in these areas.
• Auditing (legal and contractual) & Due Diligence
• Accounting & Outsourcing
• Compliance management for taxes & accounting
• Tax consultancy
• Legal advice
• Wage and social consultancy

Intercultural competence: Fi.Solutions is the French partner law firm of the French Desk of ECOVIS NRW

Fi.Solutions was founded by former partners of Big Four networks. The firm is a service provider for numerous international companies and specialises in international auditing, accounting and compliance. The specialists of the French Desk combine experience in their field of expertise with knowledge of cultural differences and behaviour.

Jörg Schumacher is Commissaire aux comptes in France and auditor and tax advisor in Germany. He has been part of our firm since May 2009 and heads the French side of the German-French desk of ECOVIS NRW. As one of the few professionals qualified in both France and Germany, he has extensive experience in advising and auditing German companies doing business in France.
Do you have business relations with France and need support? Then please feel free to contact us at any time!

How to reach our German Desk in France

Jörg Schumacher +33 687 83 02 41

How to reach our French Desk of ECOVIS NRW in Düsseldorf

Thilo Mahrenbach +49 211 90867 – 0

Thilo Marenbach

Partner, Vorstand, Steuerberater, Wirtschaftsprüfer, Sustainability Auditor


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